The direction to the Hotel from Keisei Ueno station

From Narita airport, take Keisei Line from any terminal to the Keisei Ueno station for 40 to 80 min.
The hotel Sardonyx Ueno within 7 minutes on foot from Keisei Ueno station.
We are located near the corner of Showa-dori street and U-road.
Here is the information how to get to us as follows;


①The Keisei Ueno station

Leave the Keisei Ueno station by the main entrance and go right.

②Cross the zebra crossing

Cross the first zebra crossing named Ueno Koen(上野公園前) on your left side then turn right.

③ABAB building

Turn left on the ABAB building.

④After ABAB buiding

Go straight and pass through the overhead railway.
← famous ameyoko street sign on near side the overhead railway.(④-a)

⑤U road

After that, you will on the "U-road"(Uロード) street. Go straight the street and turn right at the end.
←The ramen restaurant Ikkei(壱慶) is at the corner of the U-road and the Showa-dori street(昭和通り).(⑤-a)

Welcome to the Hotel Sardonyx Ueno!!

The hotei is next to the ramen restaurant Ikkei on the Showa-dori highway street.

Our main sign is Japanese. Do not over look the small English one on the entrance.