A buffet-style breakfast you can customize.
Offering a variety of Western and Japanese menus.


Breakfast at the "Royal Host" on the 1st floor

Breakfast is served at the "Royal Host" on the 1st floor of the hotel.
A relaxed space with a spacious table arrangement to eat.
Free breakfast for preschoolers. High chairs and dishes for children are also available.

[Breakfast] 6:30AM-9:45AM (last order)

Western / Japanese style buffet

The breakfast in Sardonyx Tokyo is a buffet-style which you can choose your favorite taste.
Offering a variety of menus considered nutrition and balance for both Japanese and Western menus.
Supporting you with a variety of menues and fresh vegetables beginning of the day.

Salad with fresh vegetables

100% domestic fresh vegetables are used for salad.
Take plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits which are selected carefully to start your day well.

No.1 breakfast buffet menu
Custom pancakes

The pancakes, which are baked one by one after ordering, have a sweet scent, crispy outside and soft inside.
Please enjoy the most popular menu for breakfast buffet.