Free Breakfast

We serve free set of breakfast for all guest who stay in our hotel.
Take out is available.

About Breakfast

Breakfast restaurant is on 1st floor "Italian Tomato café Jr."

We provide a breakfast at 1st floor Italian Tomate Café Jr. with self serving.

【Breakfast Time】6:45am~9:45am

Set of bread and coffee

You have some choises of breads from hotdog, bagle, or toast, with soup and drink.

【Meal including】
・Today's soup.
・1 Bread (from some choises)
・Drinks (Hot or Ice)

*Some menu might be sold out.


Take out service is available.
Bring it to office, trains, or your room.

* You can choose Bread and Drink what you like.
* No available Soup for Take out.
* Please order directly to restaurant counter.
* Serve within breakfast time.

Other than breakfast time

If you are not possible to use coupon during breakfast time, you can exchange bread or cake, and drink (Coffee or Tea) instad of breakfast.
10:30am to 5:00pm

* No valid for regular menu, on Italian Tomato café Jr.
* No available Soup for Take out.
* No available cake during breakfast time.
* Some menu are not available for take out.

A la carte (additional charge)

Those who would like to be satisfied, there is a la carte menu with additional charge.
Check A la carte menu at restaurant.

* Pictures for reference only.
* Please pay at restaurant.