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The charm of Hotel Sardonyx Ueno



Good location to satisfy customers who value access

Walking distance from JR Lines, Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line, Ginza Line, Oedo Line, Keisei Main Line. Easy access to the airports and various parts of Tokyo and convenient for not only sightseeing but also business trips.

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140cm width bed and fulfilling facilities to ensure relaxation

All rooms are equipped with Simmons beds, humidifying air purifiers, and shampoos with Darjeeling tea fragrance that provide high quality sleep and awakening.

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Free breakfast

Free breakfast which is available take out.

Free fresh bread that baked one by one after you ordered and drinks.
Also available take out and handle to use out side hours.

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Fulfilling services including a variety of amenity bars

Prepared popular shampoo,various chargers,some seosonal amenities for all guests.

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Regarding Handling plastic products in rooms.

Plastic Resource Recycling Promotion Law have been conducting in japan.
Since April 1, we decided to try to reduce plastic products.
We try to reduce them below from now on.
1. Plastic product will be remove from rooms.
※ For a while, we will provide plastic amenities them who needed.
2. Plastic products will be exchange to alternative products.
We have been trying our best to ''sustainable development goals'' as possible as we can.
Thank you for your understanding.

Hotel Sardonyx Ueno


Since Oct. 28, 2021, we are started HNG-Hotel Naito Group membership service.
Admission fee and the annual fee are free. In addition to the previous member discounts, special discounts are provided according to the membership level, and points can be discounted against accommodation fee, more convenient to use.
Let's join a member with us.

Please confirm the Terms and Private Policy before signing up.

※Membership service introduction in each ranguages will be announced soon.

HNG - Hotel Naito Group Members – Information of Members benefits.

We are offering some benefits for HNG Members according to your Member's Runk from Hotel Sardonyx Ueno.

Regular ・・・・・・・Get the Point ・ 5%OFF
Gold ・・・・・・・・・・ Benefit ① ・ Get the Pont ・ 5%OFF
Platinum・・・・・・ Benefit ① ・ Get the Pont・ 5 %OFF
Diamond ・・・・・・ Benefit ① or Benefit ② ・ Get the Pont ・ 10% OFF

Benefit ① You can choose one from Free Drinks , Free Pay Channel (VOD) or Late Check out + 1 hour.
Benefit ② Early Check In or Late Check Out

※These Benefits will be applied to only one member when you check in. In case of your reservation By multiple one, you can only get Member’s benefit onec when you check in.
※Early Check-in is from 11:00 am, Late check-out is until 2:00 pm.
※There is a case we can not accept your request depend on the room situations.

Enjoy FOOD x STAY Introduce vegetable soup from ‟GREEN SPOON”!

The Green Spoon lodging project that has caused topics in major social media is here!
For customers who are worried about meals due to staying in the hotel, and let the busy self-maintain a healthy and balanced diet.
Also, you can get them at front desk directly.
Easy to cook with microwave for 5 min!

Please refer to Green Spoon's website for details (Link to an External Page)
Click here for the Green Spoon Plan

Ladies Floor Introduction

Hotel Sardonyx Ueno is the first to try a Ladies exclusive floor!
A whole floor is specially planned for Ladies use, and special Amenity Area and Microwave.
The DHC olive golden skin care set advertised as "tender" and "vital" is provided in the guest rooms.
It further enhances the convenience of female stay, and provides exclusive amenities on the floor and in the guest room.
Click here for Ladies Floor plan.

Two guests (except for twin room types) and Guest with children are not allowed on this floor.
If the reservation is wrong, the hotel reserves the right to change the guest's room type.

We apologize for the situation that the hotel’s male staff are required to handle such tasks as cleaning.

Update notice of reservation system

Starting from 10:00 am on Jun 1, 2021, we are updated reservation system.

Measures to prevent infection of the COVID-19

Thanks for visiting Hotel Sardonyx Ueno.
In order to prevent the infection and spread of the COVID-19, The hotel has strengthened hygiene and cleanliness.
The hotel is equipped with disinfectant throughout the hall for customers to disinfect their hands at any time. Please wearing a mask in public area. If you have any physical conditions, please inform the staff for assistance. For the health and safety of customers, all employees wear masks.
Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.

Manager Feb. 1, 2020