For keep safety to stay for our guests,

Protective measures for staff

  1. Wash your hands frequently, rinse your mouth, sterilize fingers, and measure body temperature every day
  2. Wearing masks all the way
  3. disinfects are regularly used during cleaning rooms.

Keep social distance

To keep a social distance in the public space, we are setting guidelines in each place.
Please reduce contact with other guests as possible as we can.

Strengthen thoroughly disinfect

disinfectants are equipped on all floors and in elevators for customers to use.
We are paying close attention doing disinfect in each rooms and any places in building.
Also, to ventilation, we do thoroughly get fresh aire constantly.

Epidemic prevention measures provided to guests.

Front desk also provides masks and disinfectant liquied.

Hotel implementation project to prevent the spread of the epidemic

The hotel implements epidemic prevention measures in accordance with the instructions of the government "Guide to COVID-19 Accommodation Facilities (First Edition)".
If it causes any inconvenience to guests, please understand and cooperate.

[ Cleaning and disinfection in the building ]

  • We regular carried out disinfect objects and places that are touched frequently such as Elevators.
  • We use disinfectant to wipe and disinfect items touched by guests in the guest room when cleaning the guest room.

[ Confirmation of customer's health status ]

  • Each customer must cooperate with the temperature check before check-in.
  • In addition to checking the body temperature, the self-check form must be filled in. If fever or cold-like symptoms occur, appropriate corresponding measures will be given regardless of the holiday.
  • If you have fever, cough, or fatigue during your stay, please contact the staff at the reception and notify the health center or hospital if necessary.
  • At the time of check-in, fully understand the staying guests "Do everything possible to avoid high-risk travel such as young people, groups of seniors at high risk of infection, and large-scale banquets. However, it is not absolutely rejected for all guests, such as educational travel and as long as the epidemic prevention measures are taken, proper travel is allowed."

[ Epidemic prevention measures in the hotel ]

  • When using public facilities such as hot springs and restaurants, there are restrictions on the number of people and time limits.
  • When dining in a restaurant, the table and seating distance will be separated.
  • Please avoid talking loudly indoors and walking around during meals.
  • In elevators, guest rooms and public facilities in the hall, windows and doors will be ventilated.

[ Others ]

  • Please wear a mask at any time during your stay and disinfect your fingers frequently.
  • Disinfectants are installed in the lobby, restaurant entrances, elevator halls and other places for guests to use.
  • Please keep a proper safe distance at the lobby and restaurant, and follow the floor guidelines.
  • The dining table after the meal will be disinfected before the next group of guests take their seats.
  • In order to strengthen the health management of the staff, take the temperature measurement and confirm the health status before work. If there is a fever, cough and other suspected cold symptoms, immediately arrange to wait at home to observe the physical condition.
  • During duty, staff wear masks throughout the process, and wear protective masks when necessary.

[ Special ]

  • If you have fever, cough and other symptoms of poor health, please avoid going out as much as possible, and refuse to check in if necessary.
  • During Using our Hotel, We are asking for disinfect your hands and fingers constantly.

The above content rules are all directed by the government and related units, and will be announced if there are updates.
Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.